Friday, June 13, 2014

Starbucks, Please!

Hey guys! Last night I was planning on going out to eat with my grandmother and brother, but after a change of plans, I was stuck dressed up and hair and makeup fixed with nothing to do! But why waste an outfit if I can share it with you guys? I got this top a few months ago because, as most of you know by my Starbucks Secret Menu posts, I'm a bit of a Starbucks enthusiast. I love how the colors look with my new hair color, which I think everyone's finally getting used to.
I got this from 699shirt's shop on Etsy here for $14.50, a great bargain on such a cool shirt! I've been getting compliments on it from people I don't even know at school, and even random strangers! Everyone's asking where I got it because since Starbucks doesn't sell official merchandise, these aren't too easy to come by!
 I hope you guys enjoyed, and make sure to like ChromoBeauty on Facebook for post updates, unseen photos, and more!


  1. Amazing outfit!! I love both your shorts and t-shirt!! Your hair is awesome!! Keep in touch :D
    Maria xox