Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Zig-Zag Fishtail Rainbow Loom Tutorial

Hey guys! It's been ages since my last Rainbow Loom tutorial, so I figured it was due time for another! This is called the Zig-Zag fishtail bracelet, and it's a brilliant twist on the traditional fishtail bracelet.
After you set up your loom, you're going to take your first band (mine is red) and triple-cap it on your center peg. The easiest way to do this is to triple-cap it on your hook and transfer it to the peg.
Now you're going to take your second band and put it in an infinity shape across the left and center pegs. This is one of the most important parts of this bracelet, so take extra care here when twisting it. Look at my picture on the upper left corner of the picture below. The part of the band on top MUST be pointing outwards. For this entire bracelet, you have to have all of the bands twisted this way, or it will come out completely wrong. After you've laid down the band, you're going to take your hook and pull the triple-capped red band through the pink one.
Now you're going to do the exact same thing you did with the pink band with your next band, but on the center and right pegs. I'm taking my orange band and putting it on these pegs with the top part of the twist pointing outward. 
Now for another essential part of this bracelet. The center peg should never have more than one band on it at once, so whenever you get two bands on it, just pull the bottom one over with your hook like you did with the cap band. Here I'm pulling out my pink band since it's on the bottom.
You're going to repeat this process with your next band, which for me is yellow, and the band after that, my green one. Just put it down with the top part of the twist pointing outward and pull out the bottom band on the center peg.

This is going to be the last change in the making of this bracelet until it's time to clip it. When you're laying down the next band, which for me is dark green, you're going to still have it pointing outward and pull out the bottom center band, but you're also going to have three bands on the left peg, which isn't right. The center peg isn't the only one with a band limit. You can't have more than two bands at once on the left and right pegs, so you're going to take your hook and just pull out that pink band on bottom.
You're just going to continue laying down bands one side at a time and pulling out the bottom bands on the center peg when it has two bands and the left and right pegs when they have three. You'll soon start to see a pattern forming.
Just continue until it's long enough for a bracelet to wrap around your wrist.
Now that your bracelet is long enough, it's time to clip it. Clipping this bracelet is a bit more complicated than clipping most bracelets, so bear with me for a moment. Take your hook and remove the bottom band on your right peg, so there will only be one band on that peg. 
Now take the two bands on the left peg and move them to the middle peg. 
Then take the bottom band on the center peg with your hook and pull it over to the right peg. 
Take your clip and hook the band on the right peg. Now you can remove the bracelet from the loom. I had an odd little blue band just sticking out randomly near the clip, so I put it in the clip also because I liked the way it looked. 
Remember that triple-capped red band from the beginning? Find that at the other end of the bracelet and hook it to the other side of the clip.
That's it for this bracelet! I hope you enjoyed, and let me know if you try this tutorial out sometime! If there's a bracelet tutorial that I haven't done that you'd like to see, drop a comment below with what it's called, and I'll try to get a tutorial out there!

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