Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Day Of School OOTD

Hey guys! I know it's been AGES, but a lot has happened this past couple of weeks! I was on vacation for a week, and my first day of high school was today, so everything's been a bit of a blur! I know most of you are about to start school, so I thought I'd share my first day of school outfit from today!

I am really loving this outfit. It's a white graphic tank I got from Belk Juniors and a black super thin jacket from Wet Seal layered over it to keep it school-appropriate. My school has a pretty strict dress code, and it's always good to keep it in mind when choosing an outfit! I also love this jacket because, as much as I love jackets, I get really hot in the summer! This jacket is weightless, and you can wear it in the sun without it adding any extra warmth. It also has a really comfy look that completely makes the outfit. 

My jeans are just really simple, fun skinny jeans that I got from Old Navy. I love wearing skinny jeans with loose-fitting shirts like this one. And what else could I have worn with this but my black Vans? They suit every outfit and give it a casual twist. 
I also have a hair update (again!). As many of you know, I dyed my blonde hair purple at the beginning of the summer to try something new. To remove the color, I used a product called Color Oops, which removed the color but changed the hair underneath, so I was left a ginger! I didn't want to go back to school as a ginger, so I went to my stylist and asked her to color my hair the color of my roots, which by this point have grown out a few inches. Turns out my root color was brown! I was surprised, but I should've seen it coming. My roots had been growing out when my hair was blonde, I just hadn't paid much mind to them. I had never dyed my hair when it was blonde, my natural color just naturally got darker. Anyway, she dyed it my natural color, and here is the result! I really like it, and she did a perfect job on my layering. 

As hectic is high school is right now, I think I'm going to really enjoy it! When do you go back to school, and if you already have, tell me how it's going!

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