Friday, September 26, 2014

Down The Rabbit Hole With 23 Jewellery

Hey guys! Anyone who has ever read my blog knows that I have a love for unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry. Style says a lot about a person, and I like to embrace that by wearing pieces that can't be found just anywhere. When 23 Jewellery offered to let me review one of their custom morse code bracelet, I seized the opportunity to give you all a look into this interesting new style.

Most of you haven't been introduced to my obsession with Alice In Wonderland yet. I'm absolutely crazy about it because it has a concept that I find so fascinating. Since I could choose three words to have encrypted, I chose the words "I'm in Wonderland" on 23 Jewellery's Premium Woven Bracelet.

This is my favorite style of jewelry: simple and elegant. It adds a certain element to your look without being too bold. I also adore customized jewelry because besides being fashionable, it means something to you personally.

You can check out 23 Jewellery at their site here, and be sure to follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for information on new products and exclusive promotions!

One of my hobbies outside blogging is drawing. I've taken some classes over the past year, and I've improved so much. When I came up with the encryption for this bracelet, it inspired me to do a series of Alice-themed drawings, a few of which are included below. I got a bit carried away and drew several of these, so if you'd like to see the rest of them, check out my DeviantArt profile here! It also has a few of my other drawings, and I update it ever so often with new random little sketches!

Remember, all of my sponsored posts are in no way influenced by the featured brand. All of my opinions are my own.


  1. Your drawings are beautiful and I love that bracelet!!!

  2. Your drawings are great. Cute bracelet!

  3. I love love love Alice in Wonderland! You're very good at drawing. I like to draw too but tend to not finish a lot of my drawings these past few years lol I'll have to post some of my work though.

    1. Thanks so much! Glad to see another Alice lover in the blogging community :) I have a hard time sitting down to draw, but once, I get started, I can't put down the pencil until lit's finished!

  4. When 23 Jewellery offered to let me review one of their custom ...