Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September Glam Bag 2

Hey guys! This month's Glam Bag marks a full year of Glam Bags for me! I've been using Ipsy's monthly service since September of last year, and my bags keep getting better and better! I'd like to take a moment to thank Ipsy for their amazing service, and I can't wait for my next year of products!

This month's bag is called Street Style, and it preps your beauty routine for the transition from Summer to Fall. There are some fantastic Fall products in this bag, and the thing I'd like to start with is the bag! The bag designs themselves are amazing, and I've honestly kept every single makeup bag they've sent me over this past year. They're always so chic and go really well with the theme of the bag!
To begin my product reviews, I'll start with an eyeshadow brush by Crown Brush. This is their Infinity Shadow/Crease Brush, and it's a dual-ended brush that can be used for looks that have a simple basis or a more in-depth look. I love the soft fibers used in this brush because it makes it much easier on your eyelids and generally has a better overall turnout. You can use this brush dry for an everyday look or wet the tip for a detailed nighttime look.

Next, I'd like to address the only downfall of this bag, the Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser. Ipsy sent me a lotion by Nourish Organic in my October bag last year that I didn't like, and this product really didn't change my opinion on the brand. It was an okay cleanser, but I hated the smell yet again. Even though I'm a lover of natural products, this one just wasn't for me.
Next up is one of my favorite beauty products in the book: Eyeliner. I use eyeliner every day because I love the definition it adds to my looks. The eyeliner I received in this bag was Pacifica's Natural Waterproof Eye Pencil in Fringe. Ipsy introduced me to Pacifica a few months ago, and I've been in love with it ever since. Their products are always highlights in my Glam Bags, and this was no exception. This liner had soft lead for easy application and a bold color. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the fact that the liner is in brown rather than black. I've always felt like black looks better on my eyes.
Next it Alterna Haircare's Caviar CC Cream 10-in-One Complete Correction. This is a hair cream that can be applied to damp or dry hair before styling. The solitary formula has ten useful benefits:

  1. Moisture
  2. Shine
  3. Smoothness
  4. Softness
  5. UV Protection
  6. Manageability
  7. Strength
  8. Anti-Breakage
  9. Heat Protection
  10. Light Hold
The product completely delivered, and my hair looked exactly how I needed it to after I dried it. I'll certainly be using this again!
Lastly, we have my favorite item in this bag. This is Hikari's Lipstick in the shade Cabernet. This deep red is a perfect transition color from the pale shades of summer to the deep, luscious lip colors worn in the fall and winter months. The color lasts a long time and doesn't dry your lips out. I'll be wearing this color nonstop in the coming months!

That's it for this Glam Bag! To purchase your own monthly Ipsy subscription, head over to ipsy.com and sign up. I'd like to remind you that this is not a sponsored post. I pay for my monthly bags myself, and I have no agreement with Ipsy! All of my opinions are my own :)

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