Friday, October 31, 2014

6 Reasons The Nightmare Before Christmas Is The Best Halloween Movie

When you're as big of a movie freak as I am, Halloween is all about the movies. My favorite Halloween movie is a classic that everyone loved as a kid and still secretly loves as adults: The Nightmare Before Christmas. Today's post: Why The Nightmare Before Christmas tops every other Halloween movie out there.

1. The producer
This movie was produced by my favorite director, Tim Burton, and it has a flair to it that I've come to call Tim Burtonesque. The dark, monotonous tone gives his work a beautiful finish. Even his more gory work, such as Sweeny Todd, has a certain beauty behind the gruesome story.
2. How it was shot
One amazing thing about this movie is how it was shot. It wasn't drawn like most animated films but actually shot using action figures. They placed the figures on a stage with model buildings and moved the characters slightly every time a shot was taken. Each second of the film composed of 24 frames, making the entire 74 minute long film take up 106,560 altogether.
Tim Burton (right) and Henry Selick (left) on the Nightmare Before Christmas Set
Just a few of Jack's faces used in the making of The Nightmare Before Christmas
3. The clothes
My two favorite Halloween articles of clothing are both Nightmare Before Christmas themed, and both come from Hot Topic (of course). The first is this reversible Jack and Sally jacket that has Jack's pinstripe suit on the front but can be turned inside-out to become Sally's patched-up dress.

The second is a pullover with an amazing Nightmare Before Christmas shot that carries over from the front onto the back. It features Jack and the other characters on a stormy night, and is absolutely fantastic,

4. Sally's character
Sally represents the classic girl wanting the boy out of her league. Here she is, the makeshift companion of an overbearing doctor, and she's in love with the king of Halloween. She's the character every woman can relate to since we've all liked that one guy that that was so far out of our league he didn't even know your name. But Sally shows how you should go after what you want, even when it's hopeless, because chances are, it isn't.
5. The soundtrack
The Nightmare Before Christmas' soundtrack is a perfect match to the movie in every way. The notes have a lively feel that somehow have a menacing feel to them. Everyone knows the classic This is Halloween (I love Panic! At The Disco's cover of this as well), then there's Jack's Obsession, To The Rescue, What's This, and so many others that are all perfectly coordinated with the film.
You can listen to the soundtrack on Spotify here!

6. Jack has a cologne
How many animated characters have their own cologne? Jack. Hot Topic sells his signature scent, Bone Daddy, here.
Can you give me a movie that is better than this? I think not. I hope all of you have an awesome (and safe) Halloween tonight!

For my final #MallorysMacabreMakeup artist of this October, I'd like to refeature artist Pris from @p_mlp with this beautiful sugar skull look! The jewels look amazing, and the makeup is perfectly applied. This is my last artist feature of this year, and I'd like to thank every single one of the amazing artists that submitted their makeup! I've adored looking through them!

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  1. Love this movie! And I love all your Nightmare Before Christmas clothes! Hope you had a happy and fun Halloween! :)