Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hot Topic and Heroes

This previous Sunday, I FINALLY took my long-awaited Hot Topic trip! It's been WAY too long since I've had a good old shopping trip, and I had an awesome time trying on now clothes (as usual). Today's OOTD centers around one of my favorite pieces I picked up, a Batman pullover!
I've been crushing on these comic book printed shirts recently, and when I saw this, I fell in love. The bright colors are eye-catching, and the material is lightweight, making it ideal for the cool fall weather we've been having in Alabama. I paired it with some of my favorite skinny jeans and always wonderful black Vans. I was complimented on my outfit all day, and even my picky little brother managed to comment on it.
 It's SO comfortable. I could seriously sleep in this top.

You can find this top in your local Hot Topic store or order online here. I'll probably have several Hot Topic posts in store for the coming weeks to show you all of the goodies from my shopping adventure this past weekend, so watch out!

To top off today's post, I have my daily #MallorysMacabreMakeup artist here to share another fantastic look with you! Today's artist is Pris from @p_mlp, and she does a fantastic take on the comic book makeup look! (Comic makeup, comic OOTD... See what I did there?) This whole look was spot-on from the daring eyebrows to the cartoon tear running down her cheek. I did a tutorial on a similar look using white dots on my face rather than red here if you're interested in seeing the basis of how she achieved this spectacular look! Awesome job, Pris!


  1. I love your outfit! Especially the pullover!


  2. Love the sweatshirt!

    By the way, I just came across this article/ slideshow on Yahoo! showing 31 days of Halloween makeup this one woman did on herself. It is AMAZING! Check it out:

    1. Thanks love!

      Wow, this is amazing! Looking at these, I had one of those #lifegoals moments XD My favorites are the Edgar Allan Poe and Victor Van Dort looks. They're so realistic! Thanks for sharing!