Saturday, October 25, 2014

Macabre Makeup Artists

Hey guys! I've had such an amazing reaction from my Macabre Makeup series, and as this is the last post in this year's series, I want to feature YOUR creations. I've been getting together my favorite Halloween makeup creations that you've tweeted to me in the past week, and I'm giving them the spotlight in today's post. I'm still going to have daily makeup artist features on the bottom of my regular posts, so remember to tag your tweeted look with #MallorysMacabreMakeup. Now, on to the features.

Each artist is answering these five questions:

  1. When did you first start experimenting with Halloween makeup and why?
  2. What inspires your makeup creations?
  3. If you could describe your personal style in three words, what would they be?
  4. What is your favorite part of Halloween?
I had such a great time seeing their answers, and I hope you do too! Get ready to be spooked by their amazing looks!

First is Jenna Malin from @jenna_ellamena, a makeup-lover with an edgy side!
  1. About three years ago. I'm an artist, so I just figured my face is my greatest canvas, and I decided to go all out!
  2. I basically get an idea and then try to find some similar image/video references to help me get it right.
  3. Wannabe punk rock XD
  4. Probably decorating everything with bats and lights and dressing up!
I was so amazed at the stitched mouth in this look! It really looks like there are indentions in her face where the threads enter her mouth. So. Amazing.

Next up is Mandy Paavola from @mpmakeupart, makeup artist at!
  1. I've always done makeup, but I've been doing makeup professionally for ten years, and Halloween is the time I get to really express my creativity and show what I can do. The film industry prepped me for the chaos that can ensue on Halloween Day.
  2. I'm inspired by many things, client costumes, colors, theme parties, other artists, and my children. I have a pretty vivid imagination.
  3. Bright, classic, and fun.
  4. Makeup! ;) Creating a character is my favorite part.
Mandy does tons of creative looks that require such a delicate hand. The detail in these looks leaves me in awe.

Next on the list is Emerald from @emmersonsxx, a makeup artist at Ulta that takes makeup to the next level!
  1. I started getting interested in Halloween makeup when I was sixteen before beauty school. My father is an artist and would always paint my face as a young kid for Halloween, and I wanted to mimic him.
  2. After being in this industry for seven years, I feel like it's just my surroundings and my love of Halloween art in general. There's always something to learn or something new to create. I've never done the same thing twice, which keeps it exciting.  
  3. Versatile, convenient, and embellished.
  4. My favorite part of Halloween has to be dressing up and picking out what to be because you can literally be anything you've ever wanted to be.
I adore this beautifully done cracked face look. The precision in her lines is flawless, and it looks so realistic!
Last but not least is Bailey from @Bailey101s, a high-school special effects master!
  1. I started last year because makup and cosmetology really grabbed my attention, and I always watch Halloween makeup tutorials. I also like putting my own spin on it.
  2. Anything I see, really! Pictures... It might just pop up. I get inspiration from many things, pretty much everything around me.
  3. Creative, spontaneous, and laid-back.
  4. My favorite part of Halloween is getting into character, and of course, doing people's makeup!
It was a refreshing change to see a costume along with Bailey's gruesome makeup. The costume tied it all together, and the makeup is flawless. I mean, look at those eyes and the precisely defined lips!

Thanks so much to these lovely ladies for sharing their beautiful creations with us! I loved hearing your answers and seeing your beautiful painted faces. 

This concludes my first Macabre Makeup series! I had an amazing time with this series, whether it was coming up with the makeup or shooting the photos! I'm already itching for next October, and this one isn't even over! Remember, I'm still featuring a daily makeup artist at the bottom of my daily posts for the rest of October, so be sure to tweet all of your Halloween photos with the tag #MallorysMacabreMakeup!


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