Monday, October 20, 2014

Macabre Makeup Creepy Smile Tutorial

Hey guys! Today is the second day of my Macabre Makeup series, and this is one of my favorite tutorials because it's incredibly easy. It literally took me less than ten minutes on my first attempt, and I was very happy with the outcome.

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A creepy smile is a staple in any Halloween look, so I decided to base a whole look off this idea. This is a half smile and stretches all the way up one side of your face, which I think makes it look even more creepy. I also wanted to give it a comical factor, which I incorporated with the bold pink lipstick.

  1. To begin this look, take a black face paint and draw a grin up one side of your face using an eyeliner brush to get a precise line. Fill this in really well since we want a big contrast between the dark mouth and bright white teeth that we'll add later.
  2. Now take out a bright pink lip liner to line the outside of your drawn lips and fill in the part of your real lips that isn't already filled in with the black paint.
  3. It's time to add the teeth! Take out your trusty white face paint and draw in some teeth using a pointed brush. We want this to be spooky yet comical, so I decided not to make the teeth jagged, but if you want a creepier vibe with your look, go for it!
That's all! Just three simple steps to achieve a crazy, funny makeup look!
Today's featured #MallorysMacabre photo is this fox look by Emerald from @emmersonsxx! This look is absolutely adorable from the precise eyes to the tiny little fox nose. Fantastic job, Emerald! She has several amazing Halloween looks, so remember to check out her Twitter pics sometime!
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