Sunday, October 19, 2014

Macabre Makeup Porcelain Doll Tutorial

Hey guys! I've been waiting all month for today and it's FINALLY here! Today marks the start of my Macabre Makeup series, and every day this week, I will have a new costume makeup tutorial for you to try. I'd absolutely love to see any any of your makeup creations that you've been working on, so I'm retweeting and sharing ALL Twitter and Facebook posts of your Halloween makeup tagged with #MallorysMacabreMakeup. If I get enough entries, I'll also do a blog post with my favorites and links back to all of your Twitter pages. I can't wait to see your creations! Now, on to my first tutorial. 

Today's Macabre Makeup tutorial is the broken porcelain doll look. This is a look that even the most inexperienced makeup artists can do and still make look realistic. It would look so pretty paired with a cute doll-style dress and Mary Janes!
The first thing you're going to do is draw the crack with black eyeshadow and a thin brush. It should begin at the middle of the forehead and curve around your eye. This doesn't have to be perfect because we're going for that jagged, cracked look.
Now you're going to paint your face outside the crack with white face paint. Get an even coat all over your face and set it with a translucent powder.
Now you're going to take some black eyeshadow and lightly brush it over your crease. We don't want really harsh shadow here, just a small tint. Then, take your liquid eyeliner and draw a false lower lashline below your bottom lashes to give you those fake doll lashes. You're also going to line your upper lashline and add mascara.
Going over to the cracked section of your face, you're going to create a light smokey eye and line it with black pencil eyeliner. Top it off with some mascara.
Now we're going to add some pink blush like all porcelain dolls have to the apples of your cheeks. Use a deep pink lipstick on your lips. You might want to take the lipstick a little bit out of your natural lipline to give them the plump shape of a doll's lips.
Now take some dark brown shadow and use it on the inside of the crack to give it some depth. You want it to look like your porcelain face has come off to reveal a different face underneath. Then, line the outside of the crack with black liquid liner.
Now you can add your additional cracks. Draw these in pencil liner first, then go in and fill it in with liquid liner. Or, if you're comfortable with using liquid liner first with no pencil beforehand, go for it. I just like drawing it in pencil first because it's easier to correct if I mess up since I'm not the best with liquid liner.
And that's it! You have unique costume makeup that will catch any eye.

Remember, be sure to post any Halloween makeup you've tried this year on Facebook or Twitter tagged with #MallorysMacabreMakeup. I'm so excited to see all of your amazing creations! You can find me on Twitter at @malloryryan07 to keep up with all of the new tutorials that will be uploaded over the next seven days!

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  1. This looks amazing! I literally thought you may have put half a mask or something on your face that actually had dimension instead of you creating the dimension with the use of eye shadow and eyeliner.