Sunday, November 9, 2014

Home Decor Wishlist

Hey guys! Today's blogging challenge theme is wishlish. I've been seeing some amazing movie-themed home decor items out there recently, so I've decided to share with you my bedroom wishlist right now.

The first items on this list are throw pillows. It's no secret that I love my British TV shows, and two of my favorite shows are Sherlock and Doctor Who. I've found several artists on RedBubble recently that put some pretty awesome designs on throw pillows, and I love them. Throw pillows are such a simple way to add your own flair to a room, and these pillows would go perfectly with my teal walls.
Check out all of these throw pillows ar their RedBubble links below:

Next up are some wanted posters, signs, and Daily Prophet issues from Harry Potter. I think a collage of these pages would make some awesome wall art, giving it a dated yet pretty awesome effect. I'm a Harry Potter fanatic, so these posters would be fantastic for me.
You can find these posters here or at ViCustoms' Etsy shop.

Next is some more wall art, this time from Lord Of The Rings. This is a trio of framed posters with different sayings from the movies that are some of my favorites. These are really neat, tidy photos that give a subtle touch to the room without being too bold or apparent. 
You can find these photos here or at 716designs' Etsy shop.

Last but not least is this Alice in Wonderland themed bedspread. Alice is one of my favorite themes to use in anything, so of course I love this bedspread. Most of the cartoon Alice merchandise looks childish, but this bedspread gives it a more mature take on it with the deep colors and bold features.
You can find this here at Hot Topic
This is just a small part of what I'd love for my room. I'm SUCH a movie freak, and I want my room to reflect that. Does your room reflect what movies you watch? Let me know in the comments below! Tomorrow is day nine of the 12 Day Blogging Challenge, so I'll be posting a tutorial! Don't miss it!


  1. Oh my gosh those Harry potter posters are AMAZING!! I need them!


  2. I LOVE all things Alice in Wonderland themed! I've seen quite a bit of decals and wall art with quotes and pictures that I love on

    1. I love finding pieces on Etsy! You may have to pay a pretty penny for some of the better quality items, but they're worth it!

    2. Yes and you sometimes have to shop around on the site for a while to find the best deals and product. I got my iphone case on there but didn't know it was shipping from China until I ordered it. But I have gotten other products from there like an earring holder. Still haven't put it up in my unfinished closet room yet but can't wait to have all of my earrings on display so that I don't lose any and so that I can actually see all of the ones I have.