Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Honey Lemon vs GoGo Tomago

This past weekend, I went to go see Big Hero 6 with my friend Desiree. The movie was pretty great, and it was amazingly well done. The plot was interesting, and the twists throughout the film keep you on your toes. One thing we really loved about the movie were the unique personalities of each character. Each character had a distinct personality, which made their fashion senses differ greatly from one another, especially those of Honey Lemon, the girly brainiac, and GoGo, the punkrock rebel.

First up is Honey Lemon. She is a very unusual scientist that prefers her girly style to the lab coats usually worn in the lab. In this outfit, shes rocking her classic pink-rimmed glasses with yellow shoes, trench coat, bag, and headband.The look is completed by adding some white jeggings. It's a fun look that's casual yet appropriate for daily activities, unless you're planning on rock climbing or going on nature walks. Not too fun in those heels!

Honey Lemon Style

Honey Lemon Style by malloryryan07 featuring a yellow shoulder bag
I adore GoGo's style because it's a lot like what I like to wear. Leather jacket, skate shoes, and a tee make a perfect everyday outfit! I'm not a huge fan of the athletic pants, but she manages to rock them anyway. I also love the fingerless gloves that go great with her jacket. Another thing I adore about GoGo is her hair. Colored hair is my weakness, and her black hair with purple streaks is pretty awesome. I'd consider doing that color on myself!
GoGo Style

GoGo Style by malloryryan07 featuring black leather gloves

Both of these girls have pretty interesting fashion senses, and they have the confidence to pull them off, even when some people would see them as unusual. They showcase their personalities in ways that show the world that they're their own person and aren't afraid to show it, which is what I love most about them.


  1. Cute post! Keep up the great work xo

  2. Great outfits, I love the leather jacket in the second look. Haven't seen the movie yet but I want to!