Monday, November 10, 2014

Masquerade Eyeshadow Tutorial

I'm going to begin this post by saying that I love purple. It's probably my favorite color to wear, and that doesn't end with my outfit. A few days ago, I broke out my Masquerade eyeshadow quad from Ulta to experiment with the unique color combinations, and I ended up with a look that I'm absolutely obsessed with. I've been wearing it constantly lately to match my purple winter wardrobe, and it's just in time for the deeper colors we all love during fall.

I used Ulta's Masquerade eyeshadow quad for this look as well as their Majesty eyeliner pencil. For my lashes, I went with my go-to Urban Decay Perversion black mascara.

  1. To begin this look, take the color Iceland from this quad or just a shimmery white shadow and apply it to your entire lid as a base color.
  2. Next, apply Bayou, the bluish tinted color, to your crease.
  3. Now take Plum Noir and apply it just to your outer crease. Make sure to blend it well with your original crease color to prevent harsh lines.
  4. To finish your eyeshadow, take the last color in the palette, Bloom, the light pinkish-purple color, and apply it to the remainder of your lid.
  5. For eyeliner, take Majesty or another purple eyeliner and apply it to the top lid only.
  6. To top off the look, apply a coat or two of black mascara to your lashes.

That's the whole look! The icy light purples blend seamlessly with the darker crease color, and the purple liner ties the whole look together. Remember to check back tomorrow for day ten of the 12 Day Blogging Challenge!

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