Thursday, November 6, 2014

Most Loved Posessions

Today's 12 Day of Blogging Challenge topic is Most Loved Possessions. When people think of their most loved possessions, they think of things like family heirlooms, gifts from loved ones, etc. I've never been the type to put sentimental value on inanimate objects because in my opinion, things themselves aren't worth remembering, it's the things that remind me of the experiences, such as memories and photos.

One experience that I value was around last year during my spring break off from school. I was in New Orleans with my dad for our annual Father-Daughter Trip, and we were in Preservation Hall. I'd never been to a jazz hall before, and I didn't have high hopes since I'd never been a jazz fan. I remember standing there in the back of the room and watching them come in, and once the music started playing, I was hooked. It wasn't necessarily the music itself that I loved, it was the atmosphere. They weren't on a fancy stage or dressed in high-end clothing, they were just five guys playing jazz in a hold-in-the-wall place off Bourbon Street. This memory means a lot to me because being there with my dad, my best friend, and not having a thing to worry about was just about the best feeling I could imagine.
Another memory that's especially prominent in my mind is last Halloween. Me and my little brother Canaan coordinated our costumes and made me Little Red Riding Hood and him The Big Bad Wolf that just happened to be shorter than me ;) I love looking back at photos of that night because we just had a fantastic time. We ran around to all of the houses in our neighborhood to trick-or-treat and just messed around like the insane siblings we are.
My last memory that I'm sharing today is from this past summer. I love little kids, and working with them is one of my favorite things to do. During the month of June, I volunteered at my local elementary school with the second graders in their summer daycare service. Believe it or not, this was one of the highlights of my summer. Yes, it did really eat into my late summer sleeping schedule, but it was worth it. Spending time with them made me feel like a kid again, playing games with them on the playground and helping them with their classwork. It in itself reminded me of my own childhood and helped me forget about everything else in my life.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my memories and why they mean so much to me. To try out the 12 Day Blogging Challenge for yourself, head over to my day one post!

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