Monday, November 17, 2014

November Glam Bag

Hey guys! My latest Ipsy bag came in just a few days ago, and the theme is Girl Meets Glitter. I had some awesome products in this bag, not to mention the glitter theme, which I love!
I'm starting with my favorite product this time, Elizabeth Mott's You're So Fine liquid eyeliner. This product is absolutely amazing, and it's by far the best liquid eyeliner I've ever used. It's fast drying, so I never smudge it after applying. It's also waterproof, and I always prefer waterproof eyeliner since my eyes water a lot, which makes it smear like crazy if it isn't. It allows me to create a more precise line than I usually can, and the intense black line is defined and bold. I can even use it on my bottom lid, which I usually am unable to do with liquid liner.
 Next up is some S/B Highlighter by TEMPTU. I've mainly used this to highlight my cheekbones to give my face a brighter look overall, and I've been pleased with it. It has a natural shimmer that's really pretty, and it blends with my skintone easily. I don't have much use for this product, so it isn't something I'd buy again. It's just a nice change every once in a while.
I love pretty much anything with argan oil in it, so when I found this bottle of Marc Anthony Moroccan Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray in my bag, I was pretty excited. It's always been the best thing for my hair, and I get a nice, natural shine when using it. This product is excellent for holding my style all day, and it keeps my flyaways in check. It also has a great scent that I absolutely love. Easily one of my favorite products this month!
 This product is Be a Bombshell's Eye Base in Submissive and was another high point in this bag. Be a Bombshell has become one of my favorite makeup brands since I've become an Ipsy user, and this didn't disappoint. I've been using it beneath my usual eyeshadow to give it a more bright look, and the rich tone accents my eye well. With the subtle shimmer in this base, it really makes the rest of your makeup stand out better, especially my eyeliner. It can even be used alone as a more natural yet stunning look.
This last product came as a bit of a surprise. J. Cat Beauty's Wonder Lip Paint in Red Potion was a bit of a shot in the dark for me since I usually go bold on my eyes rather than lips, and with this lip color, you have to go bold. When I was opening my Ipsy bag on the day I received it, I squirted a bit on the back of my hand to check out the color, and it looked like blood. I didn't have high expectations, but I decided to try it anyway. It took SEVERAL attempts, but I finally managed to achieve a perfect lip color with this that I loved. It was very difficult to achieve because the color is so strongly pigmented that if I used more than a drop, my lips will be incredibly dark, which isn't a good look on me. I ended up loving this despite the rich color, and I've been using it quite a bit since darker lip colors are big during this time of year.
This Ipsy bag was definitely a success, and I'm VERY happy with the array of products I received! To sign up for your monthly Ipsy bag, check them out at Remember, none of my Ipsy posts are sponsored. I pay for them myself, and my opinions are not influenced by Ipsy in any way. Have an awesome week!


  1. loved your post, wish I could get this month's ipsy bag
    - C x

  2. This post was amazing! All the products look really nice :)
    Just followed you, looking forward to seeing more posts!