Saturday, November 29, 2014

Small Business Saturday

Today is Small Business Saturday, the day that honors all of the small businesses out there looking to break into their industry. Being a blogger that loves smaller brands, I have many favorites that I absolutely adore, several of which I've even reviewed here on ChromoBeauty! Today I'm sharing a list of my favorite small fashion and beauty brands that I use in my daily life. 

Nail Polish:
Both of these brands I found in my monthly Ipsy bags! As many of you know, Zoya is by far and away my favorite nail polish brand ever, and Nicka K has received all good marks in my books with their rich, long-lasting colors.

I've reviewed a few Mariposa Couture tops before, and all of their pieces have quickly become some of my favorites in my wardrobe. I actually found Amity Threads a few months ago when entering a giveaway for one of their tees, and when I won, I was so pleased with the look and quality of the shirt. I wear it nonstop. I just received my first pieces by Jordandene this week, and I'll be having some reviews coming in the near future! Their themed clothing is the best.

Ipsy has introduced me to so many amazing brands, and every single brand in my makeup category was found in a bag at some time or another. Starlooks has to be my favorite out of the four with Jesse's girl coming in second. I'm a huge Be a Bombshell fan as well, and Elizabeth Mott has a few products that I just can't live without.

I've been blessed enough to stumble upon all of these brands while blogging, and I've reviewed products by every single one of them if you'd like a more in-depth review of each. 23 Jewellery has some of the best custom jewelry I've ever worn, and Son of a Sailor has geometric patterned jewelry to die for. Never Take it Off produces jewelry lines for some of my favorite music artists, and being the music freak I am, how could they not be one of my favorites? iScarf2 is a really unique brand because they sell a collection of scarves designed by a twelve year-old and a fourteen year-old. I found Moni Bijoux on their Storenvy shop, and they have some awesome pieces that you can't find anywhere else. 

I seriously can't say enough good things about B. The Product. Every product I've ever used by them has been absolutely perfect for my hair, and it keeps it looking healthy and beautiful. I'm a huge fan of Dear Clark's Smoothing Elixer to use when drying my hair because it makes it about ten times easier to style!

I have two go-to bags that I use on a regular basis, and both are from these brands. I use a H&K bowler bag whenever I'm going to spend the night with a friend or family member because it has loads of room and is incredible sturdy. My MG Collection bag is absolutely gorgeous and is large enough to contain everything I need on a daily basis without the size being overwhelming!

As you can see, I'd be pretty lost without my smaller brands because I seriously do use these brands' products every single day. If you removed all of the products by these brands from my life, I'd have to go and find new purses, makeup, hair products, and everything I use to get ready in the morning. Small businesses make the world go round, and supporting them is huge for me. Do you have any small businesses that you just can't live without? Link to them below in the comments so I can check them out for myself! Happy shopping!

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  1. Great roundup of small businesses, I just bought some Zoya recently. Really like their polish. Always love supporting small businesses!