Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fall Fashion

Today's 12 Days Of Blogging topic is fall. With all of my recent posts, I haven't had many outfits to share, so today I'm having three Polyvore outfits that are perfect for the cool weather.

My first look is for everyday wear with the cooler temperatures. A crewneck paired with a beanie is one of my favorite combinations, and putting it with some matching red converse sneakers ties the look together. I'm making a statement with a bold necklace and earrings that match it as well as the beanie perfectly. Since the top has a faded red color, I paired it with some light-wash jeans to keep that faded look going.
Old School Red

The next look is for all of you floral fans! The floral trend has been coming back now for a while, and it's really peaking its popularity right now. I matched my Vans to the sweatshirt and added some white skinny jeans to give it a more dressy feel, turning it from a homey look to something you can wear out with friends or on errands. I kept the teal going with the accessories, adding the rose earrings, clutch, and nail polish.
Floral Casualwear

I saved the best for last with this final look, layering a green jacket over a graphic tank. I absolutely love the Dead Riding Hood graphic on this tank and kept the storybook theme a little by adding the Once Upon A Time clutch. The black butterfly earrings and red lipstick really tie the look together.
Little Dead Riding Hood

$22 -

$230 -

$420 -

Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons, but fashion is definitely one of them. I love experimenting with different ways to layer, mix the darker colors, and accessories. What do you love about fall fashion? Let me know in the comments! Tomorrow is day eight of the 12 Day Blogging Challenge, so don't forget to check back in!


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