Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: The Best Year of My Life

It's so hard to believe that 2014 is nearly over. I remember every detail of how 2013 ended like it was yesterday, and the fact that it's been a whole year since then is mind boggling. Today, I want to go over a few things that I've accomplished this year and what made it the best year of my life.
1. ChromoBeauty reached 100,000 pageviews this December, just in time for the New Year. I know this is nothing in comparison to most bloggers out there, but going from the day I hit 5,000 views and flashing forward to today has been an amazing journey for me. And next year, I just want to keep growing. I want to start monetizing at some point within the next year or two, but until then, all I can do is keep providing the best content for you that I can.

2. This year, I've met so many absolutely amazing people. I mean you, Ashley from Firework People, Jessica from The Pyreflies, Rebecca from The Glitter Diaries, and so many more amazing, inspiring people that encourage me at every step of my blogging journey. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for the the immense support that just radiates from these ladies, and in 2015, I just want to continue to inspire and be inspired by others because without those people to push us forward, we are nothing.
3. In 2013, when I first started ChromoBeauty, I was a very inexperienced writer. I sort of just threw whatever sounded okay to me on the page and posted it. In 2014, my writing has developed drastically, and that's helped my posts become light years better than they used to be. Since writing for a living is my dream, I hope to keep improving this into 2015.

4. An ability of mine that I've been getting better at over the past year has been sketching. I decided during this summer that I'd like to learn to draw, and I started taking classes. I'm getting so much better, and that's something I'd like to continue to improve in the coming year.

5. In the past year, I've found some pretty amazing bloggers. I hadn't become a serious follower of any blog until this year, and by becoming more active on social media, I've definitely found a few that I really love. Kailey from Mermaidens, Amy from Amy Valentine, and Victoria from In The Frow (I know this looks like I'm just partial to bloggers with colorful hair, but their writing is superb!) are the bloggers that are basically my inspiration. My dream is to become even half the writers these ladies are, and I admire them so much.
6. I started high school this year! Maintaining a straight-A average while keeping up with the demands of blogging has been an immense responsibility, and learning to find the balance between both worlds has taken some time, but I think I've nearly perfected it.

7. My relationships with the online community aren't the only ones that have grown in the past year. I'm closer to my friends and family now than ever, and surrounding myself with amazing people is one of the biggest blessings this year has given me.
2014 has been the best and most eye-opening year of my life. I want to thank ALL of you for doing what you have to make it absolutely perfect. Have an awesome New Years, and an even better 2015!

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  1. 100,000 page views is amazing! I hope your blog keeps growing! I feel so honored to be included in your list!! Happy new year, I hope 2015 is great for you!