Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Traditions

Traditions are such a huge part of the holidays. Families all over the world have different traditions that they do to embrace the holidays, and today I'm sharing what my family does for Christmas each year.
Our traditions begin on Christmas Eve. First, my mom, brother and I go over to her family's house and have lunch or dinner, and the kids open presents. Thankfully, I'm still considered a kid ;) After we leave there, we head over to my dad's side to spend time with my other grandparents, aunts and uncles, and my fantastic cousins. There's just an atmosphere that makes me feel more at home that I do at my own house, and everything is always perfect. There's a table with an assortment of desserts that usually disappears pretty quickly, and my cousins and I unwrap gifts. It's my favorite part of Christmas because everyone is just so happy and carefree, and everything just feels absolutely perfect. 

On Christmas day, we do something a bit different. We open presents the night before and leave for the beach early Christmas morning! We've had an annual beach vacation every Christmas for the past several years, and we stay for a week or so. I could honestly live at the beach, and closely seconding New Orleans, it's my favorite vacation spot. We always go to either Orange Beach, Alabama, or Destin, Florida, and this year, we've booked our room at Destin. My dad is a master vacation planner, and there's never a dull moment during our of our trips! Since we stay for just over a week, we're always still there to celebrate New Years, which I really love. Here are a few photos from last year's trip. I can't wait to go back!

What holiday traditions are your favorite? Tell me what you and your family do during this time of year in the comments!

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