Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Travel Solution

If anyone loves traveling, it's me. My family is traveling constantly, and although my entire family lives within a twenty minute drive of my house, we love traveling this time of year. We always go to the beach at Christmastime, but holiday travel is something that everyone has trouble with every once in a while. Here's our solution to traveling during the the holiday season. 
 One of the main problems travelers face when traveling is the huge mass of people that are also traveling during that time. The roads are always packed, and you can't get into a restaurant without an hour wait in front of you. To get that perfect vacation during the holidays, you're going to have to make some concessions. First, find locations that aren't crowded during the busy months. If you're wanting to go to Disney World during Christmas, there's no doubt that it's going to be crowded (believe me, I've done it). But if you're going somewhere that is more frequently visited during the warmer months, things will be much easier. Take the beach for example. We go every year in December because the beach is practically vacant, the cold is more tolerable that it is most other places, and the malls and restaurants are not even close to as packed as they are during the summer. Planning a smart destination is vital to having a relaxing holiday vacation.

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  1. Christmas on the beach with family is so nice. My family loves traveling, too! Where's one of the nicest places you've ever been?

    -Riley XO

    1. I went to a resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico last year that was AMAZING. It was my first time traveling internationally, and I had an amazing time. I plan on traveling domestically again this new year, so it should be interesting!