Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter Wonderland OOTD

It's getting colder and colder here in Alabama, so I'm finally allowing myself to make the switch from tshirts to sweaters! Today's #25DaysOfGlam theme is Winter Wonderland, and I'm sharing one of my favorite outfits for the winter weather right now.

Boots + sweater = Perfect winter outfit. I'm matching my blue and grey striped sweater with some skinny jeans and my favorite black combat boots that I'm wearing with literally EVERYTHING right now. To give the outfit an even more wintery feel, I added a pair of snowflake earrings that I received as a Christmas gift last year.

This outfit is so comfortable, and I love my "Cheshire Cat sweater" as I've come to call it (you all know of my Alice obsession). What kind of winter clothing is your favorite right now?

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