Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Holiday Wishlist

There's only one school week left for me until Christmas break begins, and I'm so excited! The holiday hum that's been buzzing around school has been really getting me into the Christmas spirit, and today's #25DaysOfGlam post has a classic holiday theme: my wishlist!
This first item I mentioned in my Three Trends I Just Can't Hide From post a while back, a pair or floral Vans. I'm the type of person that will wear Vans with anything and everything, and this pattern has been calling out to me for months. These shoes are easily on top of my list this year since I've been wanting to get them for ages!
Next up is the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. I use my Naked palette constantly, and the latest edition to this collection is gorgeous. I love the wide array of light and dark colors, and it would be fun to experiment with all of the different color combinations. 
Another thing I'd really like is a new set of sketching pencils. I'm not crazy about drawing in color, so I like having a larger variety of lead types to use since I have to mix up different types of lead to get the desired look.
Another thing I'm looking into is the brand It's a 10. I have their Leave-In conditioner that I use every time I dry my hair, and I absolutely love it. I'm looking into trying more by their line because that product works wonders for my hair. Since I'm planning on dying my hair in the near future, I'm going to need all of the strengthening and moisturizing products I can get my hands on! The main products I'd like to try are their Miracle Hair Mask, Miracle Deep Conditioner, and Miracle Dry Shampoo + Conditioner Two Pack. I currently don't use a hair mask on my hair or deep condition my hair ever, and I've heard that both are worth trying, and since I'm probably going to damage my hair a pretty good bit, I'm definitely planning on trying them out. I'm also notorious for washing my hair too often, so I need a leave-in conditioner that works really well and that can condition my hair between washes. 

This is it for my Christmas list! The main thing I''m asking for is cash for a shopping spree, but these are a few items that I'm personally really wanting right now. What's on your Christmas list this year? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. The hair masks look good, Ive never tried a mask for the hair but im considering it as my length gets longer, let me know how they go - ive never heard of this brand x