Friday, December 5, 2014

Stocking Stuffers for the Teenage Girl + Nail Polish Giveaway

Being a teen, I like to consider myself an expert on them as a whole. I have friends from every stereotype you can think of, and finding smaller gifts to get them can be quite the challenge. Today I'm showing you some simple gifts that can work for your girl friends or as stocking stuffers for family members.

1. The Beauty Guru
Stocking Stuffers for the Beauty Guru

Stocking Stuffers for the Beauty Guru by malloryryan07 on Polyvore
The options for the beauty guru friend are limitless because the assortment of products that cater to women that love beauty products knows no bounds.
First is the Baby Lips lip balm collection by Maybelline. These balms come in a huge variety of colors, making it easy to find a color for everyone on your gifting list. They're super nourishing and give your lips a beautiful tint. 
The next product is a staple in my beauty bag, the nail buffer. These are crazy cheap and work like a charm on my nails, creating smooth finishes for me to put my polish over. 
This is called Pink Fun by Lush, and I received this from my fellow blogger Rebecca at as an early Christmas gift last week. This little blob of pink awesomeness can be used to create bubble baths, shampoo your hair, and can also be used as a body wash. It smells like candy, and I absolutely adore it. 
Lastly are the NYX Love in Paris palettes. These palettes come in several colors, so you'll be able to find one to suit any beauty guru out there. They also last for ages, and one of them serves as my go-to eyeshadow palette!

2. The Punkrock Girl
Stocking Stuffers for a Punkrock Teen

Stocking Stuffers for a Punkrock Teen by malloryryan07 featuring perfume fragrances
For the punkrock, anything from Hot Topic will do. But if you're still stumped, check out this list of awesome gifts for the punkrock girl in your life.
First is this Sally perfume from Hot Topic. This has a sweet scent and is from one of the most amazing movies ever, The Nightmare Before Christmas!
Next is a black wrap bracelet. This is an accessory that will compliment any outfit, and since black is a very versatile color, most any girl would love it. 
The Batman beanie is one of my favorites in this stereotype. I love beanies, and Batman is my favorite super hero. Find you your girl's favorite superhero! Every punkrock girl has one!
The most simple outlet is black nail polish. I use this on a weekly basis, and it's probably my favorite accessory on the planet. I don't know what it is about black nails, but they've always been my favorite, and my other punkrock friends love them too!

3. The Nerdy Girl
Gifting for the Nerdy Girl

Gifting for the Nerdy Girl by malloryryan07 featuring tech accessories
For the nerdy girl, you have to find out their favorite tv shows and movies, and then buy based off that. Nerdy girls will die for their media, and they wear them all the time. 
Phone cases are simple outlets for gifts, and if you're a Lord Of The Rings fan, this Eye Of Sauron case will be an easy thumbs-up for your girl. 
For the Doctor Who fans, this Tardis necklace is perfect. It's small, elegant, and it's absolutely gorgeous.
Again with the batman, here's an adorable figure from Hot Topic! I love these little figures, and they come in characters from practically any movie you can think of. 
Any Harry Potter fan will die for this Butterbeer candle. It gives the room a scene that will bring any Harry Potter fan into the Three Broomsticks.
Lastly is a bracelet for all you Sherlock fans! I am dying over this bracelet honestly, it's just absolutely gorgeous. It has Sherlock's wallpaper and Irene Adler's phone password on it, and it is a stunning piece of jewelry.

4. The Average Teen
Stocking Stuffers for the Teen Girl

Stocking Stuffers for the Teen Girl by malloryryan07 on Polyvore
But sometimes you just don't know what stereotype to choose from, and that's where this collection comes in. These gifts are sure to bring smiles to the face of any teenage girl!
Music is an essential for any girl, and an iTunes gift card is as simple as you can get. She's able to pick out her own music, which is of course how she likes it, and it's a gift you can get almost anywhere.
Another simple gift: Netflix. Honestly, who doesn't love free tv shows and movies at their convenience? Netflix is the best thing ever for a night in with nothing to do, and she can watch until her heart is content. 
Next is something a little more out of the box. This is a sampler set from oVertone haircare, and it should only go out to the more adventurous girls on your list. This sampler set gives you three different travel size colored conditioners in any color you want! That means blue, green, pink, purple, whichever! The color is semi-permanent, and although it will work on dark hair, it won't be extremely vibrant. You just condition your hair with this in the shower for an unexpected pop of color. I'm planning on trying this in the near future, so stay tuned!
Lastly is this cute little ice cream sandwich wallet If a girl says she doesn't love that, trust, me, she's lying.

I'm not saying that every girl will fit into one of the stereotypes above. I know that I fit into every single one of them in some ways! These are just suggestions, but remember, every girl is a unique mix of several different stereotypes. Combine them and mix up the outcome! To help you in your endeavors, the crew at Revel Nail is sponsoring a nail polish set giveaway! Enter below!

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