Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Color Me Happy

 I recently colored my hair an unnatural color for the second time, and I'm realizing just how much trouble it can be. If you've ever had purple, pink, blue, green, or any unnatural hair color, you know that this stuff washes out INCREDIBLY quickly since it only comes in semi-permanent colors. I've tried a couple of different color safe hair products recently, and today I'm reviewing my favorites by Herbal Essences.
If I'm being honest, the main reason I grabbed this bottle off the shelf at Target a few weeks ago is because I thought the bottle was pretty. I'm such a sucker for cute packaging, and I always love Herbal Essences' product packaging. I'm glad I did though, because I love these products! They're the Color Me Happy shampoo and conditioner, and they're PERFECT for unnaturally colored hair. I didn't have a color safe product to wash my hair with for a little while, and I noticed a massive difference between washing it with this rather than with my products by Organix that I've always used. I saw so much less purple go down the drain! My hair also felt cleaner for much longer, so I can now go longer between washing my hair, which means my color will last even longer!
This item is definitely something I'm going to continue to use in my hair for a while, if not because it's great for my hair, then because it smells absolutely heavenly, one of my favorite thing about Herbal Essences products. What is your favorite color safe hair product? Let me know in the comments below!
I was not compensated for this post. I purchased these products with my own money, and my review was in no way influenced by Herbal Essences.


  1. haha i am sucker for pretty packaging too! glad you are having good results from using this shampoo :)


  2. I haven't tried this yet! I finally went back to my natural color (which is basically black) and I seriously don't want to have to fork over that much money for a lonnnng time, especially since my hair is almost to my waist! Lovely as ever girl :)