Sunday, January 4, 2015

Finding Your Natural High

When asked what their natural highs are, most people are a bit hesitant to respond. Maybe you haven't found yours yet, or maybe you don't know if what you love doing qualifies as a natural high. Today, I'm giving tips on how to find your own natural highs and what to do if you haven't found them yet.
If you haven't determined your natural highs yet, chances are you aren't looking hard enough. For most people, they have a select group of hobbies that they're passionate about and do on a regular basis. They're usually your favorite things to do that seem to make everything else fade away, and you focus solely on those things. You can see my list in yesterday's post here!

But some of us aren't lucky to find our natural highs right off the bat. Fortunately for me, my parents made an effort to expose me to many different things growing up, so I didn't have much difficulty finding things to take my mind off stressful situations. If you don't have those hobbies, then you just haven't been exposed to the right thing. Try taking classes, joining clubs and teams, or anything else that allows you to try something new. I didn't know I liked to write until I started a blog on a whim one day, and now, it tops the charts on my list of natural highs. You never know, something you never imagined yourself ever doing could turn out to be the thing you love.

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