Friday, January 2, 2015

Peer Pressure

As teenagers of this day and age, being offered illegal substances is just part of life. There are a lucky few scattered about here and there that haven't been subjected to intense peer pressure concerning artificial highs, but for the vast majority of us, we have to put up with friends trying to influence us at every turn, and saying no can be difficult at times. Today, I'm sharing tips for turning down insistent people and saying no.
1. Just Say No
It really does work. With most people, they'll accept your decision and go on with their lives. From experience, this does work most of the time. I've been offered drugs on several occasions this school year alone, and I had to get myself out of these situations. Whether someone was offering me marijuana brownies (yes, this happens a lot) or just straight-up asking me to buy something from them or try something, telling them no generally works, and they stop pushing.

2. Make Excuses
Sometimes people just can't take no for an answer, and I know this from experience. They keep offering things to you after you turn them down, and there's just nothing you can say that will change their minds. This is when you pull the "I'm busy" card. Just tell them you have plans after school and can't come. I've had to do this with parties that I knew would have drugs and alcohol involved, and any excuse works. My favorite is the "I have a family thing that night" excuse. It ALWAYS works.

3. Walk Away
If people keep pestering you after all of your attempts to get them to leave you alone, then they aren't the kind of people you want to be hanging out with. I live in a town that isn't exactly the best, and at least half of the kids at my high school are caught up in artificial highs. Because of this, practically all of my friends are involved in them. We've learned to establish a rule that when I'm around, they don't do drugs, drink, or most of all, pressure me to do it. If you're like me and go to a school where everyone is involved in something, at least find friends that are willing to leave you out of it.

Finding a method of saying no can be a process, but eventually, people should understand that you're just not interested and give up. Remember, the Natural High Teen Bloggers are going to be posting tips every day until the fifth, so check back for the newest posts! Want more information? Check out our Day One post here!

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