Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sephora Mascara Favorites

With Christmas long gone and life getting back in order, I've started to find time to try out some of my gifts! One that I especially loved was this set of mascara samplers from Sephora. I'm such a sucker for mascara, and I buy new ones to try constantly. This gives me a chance to try out several sample-sized bottles of mascara from brands I've been itching to get my hands on, and it even includes a full-size bottle of one! Today, I'm rating these seven mascaras from worst to best.
7. Considering that this set came from Sephora, I expected their Outrageous Curl- Dramatic Volume and Curve mascara to be pretty good. But when I opened this bottle, I was absolutely shocked to see a wand no longer than my finger nail, which is saying something since I keep my nails trimmed extremely short. It made application a challenge, and it took ages to evenly coat my lashes properly! As for the formula, it made my lashes longer than any of the others had, but it was also the heaviest. A huge pet peeve of mine is heavy mascara, and this definitely fit the criteria for that. Unless, for whatever reason, I needed my lashes to be long enough to touch my eyebrows, it isn't something that I would ever wear again.

6. The Kat Von D Immortal Lash mascara was a very interesting mascara. The formula gave me nice-looking, full lashes that I liked, but the brush made application incredibly awkward, something I've never said about applying mascara before. It has a large tip, something that I've never been crazy about since it makes it more difficult to get even coverage, and the spikes on the ward were too long for my taste, making it easier to accidentally get mascara on your skin. It almost looks dangerous! Just kidding, but it's definitely one-of-a-kind. Just not for me!

5. Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara falls at number 5 on my list, and it isn't my favorite. It may just be that my expectations were so high for this one since I've been recommended to try it so many times, but I felt that it was just average. My lashes looked pretty and had a nice finish, but no more so than when I use a drugstore brand. The thing I do love about this though is the wand. Hourglass mascara wands are my FAVORITES because they give your lashes more of a natural curl and a nicer finish. This mascara wasn't my favorite, but I would use it again.

4. The only other product by Buxom that I've ever used was a lip shine I received in an Ipsy bag a couple of years ago, and it became a pretty important staple in my beauty routine. I can definitely see their Blackest Black mascara following in its footsteps. This mascara probably has the least clumpy texture of all seven that came in this set, and it's perfect for long wear. It also has a slight hourglass shape to its wand, which I was very happy about.

3. The They're Real! mascara by Benefit Cosmetics is what I call the basic mascara. It's exactly what I'd ask for on a day where I don't want to be over-the-top, but I definitely want some extra length. It has a pretty traditional wand for application, and the results are extremely long-lasting.

2. The Smashbox Full Exposure mascara was one of my favorites in this set. The description that popped into my head when I first tried this was 'girly' because it gives such a clean, natural finish. It isn't artificial-looking, and it has a more pointy brush that is perfect for reaching the smaller lashes in the inner corners of your eyes. I'm so glad this was the one that came in a full-sized bottle!

1. Perversion. I would seriously go on all day long about this mascara if I could. The first word that comes to mind when using Urban Decay's latest masterpiece is smooth. It practically glides on my lashes, and the results are free of clumps and absolutely beautiful. This wand does a perfect job with application, and I get extremely long, full lashes that I've never gotten from any other mascara.
This set was such an awesome gift, and I had a great time trying out all of these products! What's your favorite mascara? Let me know in the comments below!

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