Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Chat With Allison Raskin

We all have that one pastime we do that is pretty meaningless but can provide ages of enjoyment, and for me, that's watching Buzzfeed videos. I love watching these, and their actors are absolutely hilarious. Allison Raskin- writer, actor, media expert, and overall sweetheart- is one of my favorite Buzzfeed actors, and I recently had the opportunity to interview her! Today, I'm sharing a bit about her and what she said!
1. What made you realize that acting and working in the media was for you?
I fell into acting through writing and comedy. I went to school for screenwriting and joined an improv group and then started casting myself in my own sketches. Basically, I started writing roles for myself and then convinced a couple of other people to cast me, too.
2. How did you put yourself out there? 
I kept making stuff and showing up. Even when some people told me not to.
3. What was it like moving across the country for the first time?
I was lucky because I went to college in LA, so the transition was cushioned by a freshman dorm and organized activities. It then took years for me to actually feel like I knew the city, but by the time I graduated, I was "used to" living so far away.
4. How did you deal with that huge change?
I call my parents multiple times a day.
5. How did you begin working with Buzzfeed?
My comedy partner Gaby Dunn was hired for a temporary residency and she cast me in a video. I then got a residency and somehow we convinced them to hire us full-time.
6. When did you meet Gaby, and how has that friendship influenced your life?
I met gaby on the sidewalk waiting for an open mic. This friendship has changed my life in ways that I can't even describe. Most significantly it has given me a new person to text whenever I am bored.
7. What made you decide to start Just between Us?
We were frustrated with our careers and wanted to take matters into our own hands by producing content and feeling productive. Never thought it would grow as much as it has. That has been a wonderful surprise.
Photo by CJ Johnson
8. Is creating content for your own channel a different experience that it is with Buzzfeed?
It's definitely different because we don't have anyone to answer to on JBU, but Buzzfeed is incredible because of the resources and collaboration. It also allows us to shoot content outside of Gaby's apartment.
9. What milestones are you looking to accomplish in the near future?
I just want to keep growing and making content that I'm proud of. I want the chance to say yes to more and more opportunities.
You can find Allison at her main site here, and you can catch her making videos over at Buzzfeed and her relationship advice YouTube channel, Just Between Us! I love watching her and how her career is evolving, and I look forward to seeing how she progresses!. Do any of you want to pursue a career in acting? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. I love Allison and Just Between Us! I hope that you gain all the success that you deserve (rooting for you) <3

  2. yes I want pursue a career in acting! and I love Allison, she's so optimistic and simple. :)

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