Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Five Tips for Rocking Your Natural Hair

Hair can be an absolute pain at times. It requires our constant attention, and if we neglect styling it for just a day, it can be a disaster. We all know that heat styling is damaging to our hair depending on how often we use it, but most of the time, we just can't help but plug in the straightener or curling iron to tame our insane natural hair. Today, I'm sharing my favorite tips for days when I need to lay off the heat and wear my hair naturally.
Keep in mind that I have naturally wavy hair. I have no idea how these tips work on other hair types, but I'd definitely still recommend at least giving them a shot.

Updos are an extremely valuable tool for wearing your hair naturally. Experimenting with half-ups, braids, and ponytails are some of my favorite ways to wear my hair without bothering with heat products. The side french braid is a favorite of mine, and I also love the half-up french braid if I'm looking for something a bit different!

Another thing I love using is mousse. When your hair is just completely out of control, it's one thing that goes a long way. Try taking some water and spritzing your hair with it before running some mousse through it to tame those tresses. Your hair will dry in the style you've created using your mousse! I use a wonderful whipped mousse by B. The Product for this, which I reviewed a few months ago here!

To get straight hair without a blow dryer or a flat iron, you're going to need a straightening serum. I use one by Dear Clark, and I have a full review of it here! It's a miracle worker for keeping my hair straight. You just run it through damp or dry hair, brush it to ensure even distribution, and let it dry naturally.

If it's body you're lacking, I'd recommend using a texturizing spray or gel when air-drying. Try scrunching your damp or wet hair with a sea salt spray, a gel, or a curling mousse to enhance your natural waves and add some body. My favorite is Not Your Mother's Beach Babe spray, which I reviewed last year here!

When all else fails, hairspray is always there! Spritz a brush or your fingertips with your favorite hairspray and try taming your hair with that. Hairspray is a always girl's best friend!

What do you do to avoid crazy hair days without heat styling? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I have more naturally straight hair but I do get some waves here and there (which makes for a quite interesting look when I don't dry it...). I use mousse sometimes to just add a little extra body to my fine strands. I like to do new things with my hair but I just wish I had more time in the morning to get ready! #fireworkpeople

  2. I will be honest, I HARDLY go for natural styling other than heat styling. I have super think and curly-at-bottom hair which can be so hard to manage without heat styling. Ever since I got dip dyes, I can't help myself but straight my hair everyday. But I think I will switch to mousse for a while to see if it's good enough to tame my hair.

    Noor's Place

  3. I SO needed this post! I have thick wavy hair that I would love to be able to manage without always pulling it back or straightening it. Thanks!

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  5. I seem to be another person who was instantly attracted to the natural hair link!
    I have thick wavy hair.

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