Sunday, March 29, 2015

Floral Fantasy Ipsy Bag

I received this glam bag a little late due to my New Orleans vacation this month, but I think that time waiting just made me more excited to try my new items! This bag is called Floral Fantasy, and it really tapped into my love for all things colorful and different.
The first product was this Glow Finishing Oil Treatment by Coolway. It's designed to be used on wet hair before blowdrying or on dry hair before styling to give your hair a shiny, touchable finish while restoring vibrancy to your color. I used this on dry hair, and I definitely noticed a difference in terms of how soft my hair felt. I take extremely good care of my hair in general, so I didn't notice much difference in terms of color vibrancy or shine, but I can definitely see this working well if you have dry or damaged hair.
These next items are Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels by skyn ICELAND. These gels are applied on the skin beneath your eyes to lessen wrinkles and tighten the bags under your eyes. This is honestly a product that I didn't really need. I have no issues with having heavy undereye bags, and I don't know why it was sent to me in particular. The whole process felt really weird to me, and I noticed no difference whatsoever after using it, but that's likely just because I wasn't a good candidate for this product.

This item was one of my favorite and least favorite products I've ever received in an Ipsy bag. It's the LANEIGE BB Cushion, and it worked wonders on my skin. It was beautifully smooth and evenly colored all day, and it was the perfect BB cream for me. The one reason that I didn't like it was the fact that a 0.5 oz container of this product costs thirty-four dollars! Personally, I don't think any beauty product is worth that much in such a small amount. Other than the price point, I have nothing but good things to say about this product.
I've always heard good things about Mary Kay, but I'd never actually tried anything by them until now. This is their Mary Kay at Play Eye Crayon in the shade Teal Me More, and being me, I love it because of the lovely greenish-blue color. It's easy to layer on top itself for a bold color, and it also looks stunning complimenting other shadows. It's such a fun product to play with, and it was definitely one of my favorite products this month!
I saved the best for last in this bag, and this NYX Butter Lipstick in the shade Hunk topped the charts for me. I love absolutely anything purple, and as I've been wanting to try a purple lipstick for months, I was thrilled to pull this out of the bag. I've tried NYX's Butter gloss and balm, both of which became staples in my beauty routine immediately, and the Butter lipstick did exactly the same. The deep plum color was absolutely gorgeous, and it gives my lips a fun pop of color that works for daytime and nighttime looks.
For the most part, I adored this bag, and I can't wait for next month! You can sign up to receive your monthly $10 bag at

Remember, I pay for all of my monthly glam bags myself, and I am not in any way influenced by Ipsy. All of my opinions are my own.

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