Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Jetsetter Glam Bag

This month's Ipsy bag has one purpose in mind- to take your look from Casual Chic to Jetsetter. It's chock-full of bright colors and products sure to get you well on your way to getting that bold, adventurous look you dream about.
This first product is a must for any makeup guru- a brow pencil. This pencil is by Chella, and it's in the shade Tantalizing Taupe. I'm normally more inclined to use powders to fill in my brows because most brow pencils seem to be too dark whereas I can layer shadows easier to get a more natural look. This pencil really surprised me in a great way, and the color was so much better than I could have hoped for. It glides on easily, and it doesn't give me a harsh finish. Easily the best brow pencil I've ever used!
Second in this bag is Balanced Guru's Style Me Hair Oil. I'm a hair fanatic, and I always have been, so I'm always looking to try new products to keep my hair as healthy as possible. This hair oil worked well, and it gave my hair good frizz protection and shine, but it struck me as pretty average. There wasn't anything too special about it, and the only reason I would buy it again over another product is due to the sole reason that it's organic, which is definitely a plus for me. Overall, it worked well, but it wasn't a stand-out product for me.
This next item was among my favorites in this month's bag. Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands, and I was very excited to see samples of their Failbait and Bittersweet lip glosses along with a multipurpose lip primer pencil. The primer pencil worked like a charm, and my lipstick stayed smudge-free for hours after application. The glosses were also pretty amazing, both of the colors being right up my alley. Definitely a highlight in this bag!
Next is another item from one of my favorite brands, Jesse's Girl. This is their Pure Pigment Eye Dust in the shade Brown Sugar, and it was another highlight in this month's bag. I love a good matte shadow, and this really delivered for me. The color can be used to create both natural and nighttime looks depending on how it's layered, and it gives a gorgeous finish that lasts all day.
The final item in this month's glam bag was a bottle of Nuxe Makeup Remover and Facial Cleansing Gel. My least favorite item this month, this cleanser didn't really do much for me. It seemed alright as a cleanser, but in terms of a makeup remover, it did next to nothing to remove my liquid eyeliner, and I had to use my usual makeup remover afterwards to get it all off. The smell is horrible, and I just wouldn't recommend it.
This month's bag was a winner in my book, and you can sign up for your own $10 monthly bags at ipsy here! Remember, I pay for all of my monthly glam bags myself, and I am not in any way influenced by ipsy. All of my opinions are my own.

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