Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Let a Seven Year-Old Dye My Hair With Manic Panic

About a week ago, I decided I was tired of my natural brownish-blonde colored hair and set to work scheduling a bleaching appointment and ordering a bottle of Manic Panic's Amplified Formula in Ultra Violet. I'd been torn between dying it blue or purple, so I decided to try this as it has hints of both.
I'd decided to have it bleached on Friday night, then dye it myself on Saturday, but when I told my younger cousin, Landry, I was dying it myself, she was dying (pun intended) to help. And being my color-obsessed self, I decided to make her my new hair colorist at age seven and recruited her to help.

She actually did really well. She did a great job with the color, but the problem? I diluted the dye too much. I mixed it with a lot of conditioner, so instead of dying my hair, it just toned out all of the yellow. Then, we set to work dying it again, this time using conditioner of a different brand, and less of it. This should have done the job, but unfortunately we neglected to read the ingredient list on the conditioner bottle and found out too late that it contained parabens that not only wouldn't allow the color to take, but also removed what little color was deposited in the first go-around. After that, we applied the dye a third time, this time using it alone without any conditioner, and I finally got the perfect results.
I'm so thrilled with the color, and I'm extremely happy with this dye! I've already got Landry on board for the next time I decide to switch up my color; I'll make her a hair stylist yet :) I feel like Sabrina Abu-Obeid, the girl with the magical color-changing hair that I interviewed a couple of weeks ago.
My little brother insisted on being credited for his photography during the dying process. Thanks, Canaan!
What do you guys think of my new color? What's your favorite Manic Panic dye? Let me know in the comments below!

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This was not a sponsored post; I paid for my hair dye myself, and I am not in any way influenced by Manic Panic. All of my opinions are my own.


  1. Wow she did a really great job!


  2. Good job Landry! You look beautiful Mallory! You can definitely pull off crazy colored hair(:

    On Saturday I got bored with my bleach blonde hair I've had for four months, so I called my parents to ask if I could dye my hair and they said as long as it's natural looking, they don't care.
    I ended up picking up a level five brown and Vampire Red Manic Panic dye and spent the night changing my hair! The only complaint I have is that the Manic Panic dye is SOOO messy. I'm still trying to clean the pink out of my tub!


    1. Thanks girl! I initially loved the Manic Panic dye because the color looked so perfect, but I ended up going to a water park three days after dying it, and practically all of it's gone from the sunlight and chlorine. I'll definitely be using Pravana next time! I'm so glad it worked for you, I loved how it turned out!

    2. Oh no! That's no good. I'm sorry :( I don't really go in pools or anything, so I don't know the effect they would have on my hair.
      And I'm glad you love my hair! It's a fun color.


  3. Loving the colour! Sorry to hear it all came out, but hey! You can pick a new colour or do it again!

    I've always used Special Effects hair dye when dying bright colours. I love the variety they have and I've had a lot of good luck with it staying the colour I want!

  4. That's a very fine hair color that you managed to achieve. I like the fact that the shades of purple varies as you went along. That makes the dye work look more organic. Cheers!

    Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshalls Folsom