Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Interview: Sabrina Abu-Obeid from TeraBrite

Everyone who has kept an eye on the news lately has seen Sabrina Abu-Obeid's magical color-changing hair that has exploded the internet over the past few weeks. After Sabrina's boyfriend and fellow band member DJ Monopoli notices her newly-dyed hair change color before his eyes when she walks from the kitchen to the bathroom, he's mesmerized and posts a video on YouTube. Before long, he has the whole internet buzzing with confusion as to what color her hair really is! After seeing the video for myself, I had to know more. I found their two-person band, TeraBrite, and fell in love with their unique sound. Today, I'm interviewing the girl behind the hair and TeraBrite's amazing vocals!
What made you and DJ originally decide to start Terabrite, and what do you think you add to the music industry that you don't see every day?

DJ has been making music almost his whole life. He was in many bands, and the last band he was in, he wanted to call TeraBrite because he thought it sounded cool, but none of the guys in the band liked it. Later when DJ and I had just started to date in 2008 he showed me an instrumental he made that needed singing. We recorded it (today known as No One Knows) and we were so proud of it we wanted to post it somewhere, so we uploaded it to MySpace. We needed a name for the artist page, and DJ suggested TeraBrite. I absolutely loved it and agreed. As for the music industry, I think we add a dynamic that's different from the norm by being a duo who have also been dating for seven years now. We are able to produce high quality content on our own from home and interact on a closer level with our fans than the traditional artists out there who have producers/managers do most of the work and social posting.

Where did the name TeraBrite come from?

DJ and I love technology and it's a play off the word terabyte. Also, it just sounds cool. =]

When did you realize that TeraBrite was becoming more than a hobby for you and DJ?

When we started creating so much content for music, vlogs, beauty and gaming that it literally became full time, that's when we realized this was more than a hobby. We started to make a living from it, so we were able to put all of our time into creating content and music.
How does it feel to be in a two-piece band with your boyfriend? What perks and struggles does it carry from both a relationship and a career standpoint?

It feels great to have my boyfriend also be my co-worker. Who better to work with than the person that understands you the most? We are able to be on the same schedule, help each other when times get challenging, keep each other motivated and it isn't a problem separating work from life. Really the only downfall I can think of is when I'm barely starting to open my eyes in the morning and DJ starts with all the emails there are to reply to and things he's thought of for new projects, videos and social ideas. I just want quiet and a long time to wake up before I can think, but I guess he keeps me on top of things!

Where do you see yourself being right now if you weren't singing?

I think I would have a temporary non-career seeking job to hold me over while I finish my bachelor's degree in Digital Media. Then I would probably struggle to find a web design job. While I really enjoy web design, it's my backup plan as of now. Being a content creator and singer is what I love doing most. It's also great that I could probably use my following to benefit my web design or app development traffic.

Where do you see your career as a YouTuber going? Will it remain a primary focus of yours, or will the band become more of a priority?

What a lot of people don't realize is times are different now than they were even just 10 years ago in the music industry. You can use social media platforms to build a following and instantly upload a video that gets millions of views versus touring to get your name out where you most likely are playing for less than 50 people in a bar at a time. Then those people might not even remember how to find your music online. The band has been my focus for 5 years now, but in a different way than the norm. We are the artists who entertain from home and occasionally but rarely play live shows. We are YouTubers AND a band at the same time recording our lives on the side and uploading that. We are guilty on focusing on too many things at once, but we are doing what we love and that's why we think of so many things we want to do! =]

How does it feel to be recognized internationally by your hair?

I'll be honest, it's random and strange but awesome! I loved that my hair went viral because that meant people were finding all the other things I have put so much work into including TeraBrite. I gained a lot of subscribers from it and I can't complain about that! I actually had food poisoning the first night it went viral and was totally out of it but was so shocked at how viral it was the next day when I was feeling better. I got so excited to make more videos for my Sabrina channel, which I have big plans for in the near future!
What part of #thehair experience has shocked you the most?

Aside from being on Good Morning America and having a bunch of celebs sharing my hair, I just couldn't believe how many places it was posted and shared!

Do you plan on keeping your magical hair color for a while, or is there another color in store? If so, should we expect a tutorial?

My magical hair is actually temporary and washes out within a couple weeks. I want to try many colors, and I'm thinking pink next time! Not sure if there will be a tutorial unless I can think of a way for it to be different from the purple hair tutorial. I want to continue to incorporate comedy/skits/vlog style within my beauty and fashion videos.

Lastly, what is the most important thing you could say to anyone looking to enter the vlogging or music industries?

Never stop learning.
Check out Sabrina's personal YouTube channel here, and check out her band, TeraBrite, here!

Photos courtesy of TeraBrite's Facebook page.

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