Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer Sunnies Wishlist

For years, I've been all about wayfarer sunglasses. They have a universally flattering shape, and they come in so many stunning prints and colors! But lately, I've noticed several trendy frames popping up all over the fashion industry, and today, I'm sharing the shades on my wishlist this summer!

First on my list today is the cat eye frame. These were all the rage in the 50's and 60's, and they seem to be making a major comeback this summer. They have a really elegant, feminine feel, and they give the fierce quality of our everyday cat eye, even when our eyes are covered!
Cat Eye Sunglasses via ASOS, $18.12
This next shape really brings out my inner girly girl. The heart-shaped sunglasses gained some popularity last summer, but they've been seen everywhere this year. My favorite way to see these has always been with gold rims and pinky-tinted lenses because it takes the girly feel to a new, glamorous level.
Metallic Heart Shaped Sunglasses via LOFT, $24.50
The vintage square framed sunglasses are very similar to my go-to wayfarers, but the harsh corners on these glasses place them into a category of their own. They give off a professional, down-to-business vibe, and they add a polished touch to any summer outfit.
Vintage Square Frame Sunglasses with Gold Metallic Detailing via Etsy, $25.00
Lastly is a frame shape I never thought I'd end up liking, the circle frames. I'd always associated the circle frames with the hippie look, which I've never been able to successfully pull off, but these frames combine the cat eye and the circular frames into a fashion-forward, trendy shape for this summer, and in a bold color, they're sure to make a statement.
Vintage Inspired Round Circle Cat Eye Sunglasses via zeroUV, $9.99

Did I miss your favorite frame shape? Tell me your go-tos this summer in the comments below!

This is not a sponsored post. The sunglasses mentioned in this article were of my own choosing, and my opinions were in no way influenced by the mentioned brands.

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  1. I usually go with an oversized pair that is kind of square/ rectangularish but still has a little bit of curve to the edges but I also have a cat eye pair that I love. Those heart shaped ones are really cute!