Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Three Budget Lipsticks for Summer

The transition from winter makeup to summer makeup is always tedious. Questions like, "Is this too bold?" or, "Is this a winter color?" are top of mind for even the best of us, and I'm here with swatches of three of my favorite colors lately to welcome the bold, summer weather. 

From left to right: Coral Pink by Love and Beauty (Forever 21), Sheer Melon by Ulta, Hunk by NYX
What summer lipstick collection doesn't consist of at least one bright pink number. Not everyone can wear the bright, neon pinks that every celebrity seems to be flaunting this time of year, but there's at least some stunning pink shade out there for every skin tone. This is Forever 21's Creme Lipstick from their Love and Beauty collection in the shade Coral Pink, and it's one of the most universally flattering shades I've come across, and at only four dollars a tube, it's the most inexpensive on this list. Find it on the Forever 21 site here.
Just because summer is deemed the time for bright colors doesn't mean a more mature color isn't ever appropriate. This is Sheer Melon by Ulta, and what I really love about this shade is that it gives you a pop of color without going overboard. It's perfect for carrying the summer vibe throughout your look while trying to keep a more subtle overall appearance. The golden tones compliment a more golden skin tone, and it gives a stunning finish to any look. I couldn't find this product online, but I was able to find a pretty good alternative in Ulta's Coral Glow lipstick here for five dollars a tube.
Lastly is more of a nighttime shade, but lightly applied, it's completely wearable during the day. This is NYX's Hunk lipstick, and it's been one of my favorites since finding it in my Floral Fantasy Ipsy Bag a few months ago. This is a colorful shade that's perfect for the summer months, especially if you're looking for something to make a statement. You can find it here, and at only six dollars a tube, it's an amazing steal. 
What lip colors are you loving this summer? Leave your favorites in the comments below!

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