Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Alter Ego Glam Bag

After waiting for what seemed like ages, my October Glam Bag, Alter Ego, finally arrived last week! I've found several products that I love in this bag, but it doesn't really live up to its title. I read the label expecting bright, bold colors, and although I love my neutrals, I was a bit disappointed that this month's selection didn't have more variety. Let's look inside!
First this month is a Soothing Moisture Mask by Eau Thermale Avene. I'm normally not the biggest fan of face masks, but I really enjoyed this one. I happened to have a patch on my skin that's been really dry when this came in, and after using this mask, the redness had noticeably faded, and the area felt a lot smoother. It has a fresh, clean scent, and I enjoyed using it.
The second product this month is theBalm Cosmetics' Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick in the shade Committed. This little guy was definitely one of my favorites in this bag, especially since I'm a huge theBalm fan. The first thing I noticed was this product's fantastic vanilla-y scent. It's absolutely fantastic, and it made me that much more excited to try it out! The color was absolutely gorgeous, and the matte effect stays flawless all day. I highly recommend this!
Next is an Xpress Line Cosmetic Pencil by Coastal Scents. I found this to be a really unique eye pencil, mainly because it was actually like using a typical pencil. It has really stiff lead, which makes it a little more difficult to apply, but it stays on much longer than most pencils since the lead doesn't smear as much. 
There's usually one letdown in every bag, and this month it was Ayres' Pampas Sunrise Hand Cream. Honestly, the first word that comes to mind when describing this product is average. There just wasn't anything special about it. It was a sufficient moisturizer, but it didn't give me the silky smooth hands that my favorite lotions do. To top it all off, I hated the smell. It was just an okay product all around.
Lastly this month is MicaBeauty's Ipsy Exclusive Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze. I really love cream eyeshadows, mainly because they're so fun to play around with using different formulas. This product glides on easily, and a little really goes a long way! It's gorgeous when layered with black or grey eyeshadow, and I've been using it lately as a base for a subtle smokey eye.
That's it for this month! If you'd like to receive your own Ipsy bag each month, you can sign up at ipsy.com. Have a great week lovelies :)
Remember, I pay for all of my monthly glam bags myself, and I am not in any way influenced by ipsy. All of my opinions are my own.

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