Thursday, December 31, 2015

Billion Dollar Brows Tutorial + GIVEAWAY!

Happy New Years Eve! Today, I'm partnering with Billion Dollar Brows to bring you two brow tutorials that you can rock at tonight's parties using two of their most popular brow kits, their Best Sellers Kit and their 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit.

In this first look, I'm using the Best Sellers Kit for a more bold, dramatic eyebrow look. I'm starting off using the dual-ended Universal Brow Pencil. I'm using the spoolie side to gently groom my brows. Do this by holding the spoolie parallel to the ground and combing the front of your brows straight up, the middle holding it upright and combing straight to the side, and the ends holding it at a downward slant to create your arch.

Next, I'm using the other end of the pencil to fill in my brows. What makes this pencil so universal is that you can use it to create so many different shades that it suits all hair colors. Fill in the front of your brows softly, making sure they remain the lightest part of the brow, and deepen the color as you reach the tail end to prevent them from looking drawn on. Comb through your brows with a spoolie again after this to evenly distribute the product.

I'm now using their Brow Duo Pencil's highlighting end to highlight just above and below my arch to accentuate it and make my brows stand out. The other end of this pencil is used to conceal blemishes, which I'm not using today. 

I'm blending out the highlighter with the smudge brush, blending away from my brow and then taking any excess product and using it to subtly outline the rest of my brows. I especially love how this looks if you do it after you've already applied eyeshadow. You can blend the highlighter into the edges of your shadow, making the contrast more noticeable.

I'm topping the look off by gently swiping brow gel through my brows. Do this in quick, smooth strokes to prevent clumping and hold your brows in place all day. 
I really love this look because it makes the brows such a prominent feature of the face. So many people don't give brows a second thought, tending to focus more on their eyes or lips, but it's really the brows that take your look to the next level. And get this- the kit, which is valued at $68, is priced at $42 on the Billion Dollar Brows site. *swoon* 

For the second look, I'm using the 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows kit for a more natural look. I'm beginning by using the spoolie end of their dual-ended brow brush to groom my brows, just like I did earlier.

Now, I'm grabbing my brow powder and using the other end of the brush to lightly fill in my brows, focusing on the lighter areas to create a uniform finish. I'm running a spoolie through the end result, and they're done!
I prefer using this kit on a daily basis because it's so simple. It literally takes a minute, and putting just that tiny bit of effort into your brows makes you look so much more put together. What's more, the kit itself is just $24!
For New Years, Billion Dollar Brows has also supplied both of these kits to be used in a giveaway for all of you! Enter for a chance to win both of these fantastic brow kits in the widget below. The giveaway ends at midnight on January 15th, so get those entries in! Keep in mind that the giveaway is open to US residents only.

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Disclaimer: Although this is a sponsored review, it was in no way influenced by Billion Dollar Brows. All opinions are my own. 

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