Saturday, January 23, 2016

All Eyes On You Glam Bag

Fun fact: Today's glam bag marks my fourth year of my subscription to Ipsy. Pretty awesome.

This month's bag is called All Eyes On You. It's filled with neutral, more sophisticated products, and I'm so excited to share them with you.
The first item this month is a Natural Stain Brow Powder by PEEK Beauty. I've recently fallen prey to the brow frenzy that exploded in 2015, and I've tried several brow powders, but this one is among the top few I've used. I have fairly dark brows, but I always prefer using lighter brow powders as I feel that they provide a more natural look and can be layered on occasions when I'm more in the mood for bolder brows, making them much more versatile than a dark powder. This one is easily applied and lasts all day, giving me the perfect brows I need.
Second is a Hikari Cosmetics Cream Metallic Pigment Shadow in the shade Mink. I'm usually not one for cream shadows, but I think this product might just convert me. I've been a huge Hikari fan ever since I received one of their products in my first Ipsy bags, so I was very excited to find this in my bag. This product is the easiest cream shadow to apply that I've ever used, it isn't sticky in the slightest, and it doesn't crease up after extended wear. It's also really pigmented, and the glitter shows up beautifully! Definitely one of my favorites this month.
Next up is a Beau Gachis Paris Smudge Brush. I honestly found this product to be fairly average. It has a nice shape for a blending brush, but the bristles seemed too stiff for me. I generally find brushes with softer, more flexible bristles to be better for blending, and although this one did the job, it just wasn't my favorite.
Another one of my favorite items this month was a Mr. Write (Now) Eyeliner Pencil in Jack B. Bronze from theBalm Cosmetics. I'm always a sucker for twist-up eyeliners because I'm lazy and hate having to sharpen them, and this one didn't let me down. Application for this product is insanely smooth, it glides on perfectly and doesn't smudge throughout the day. It has a really lovely color, which incidentally matches my cream shadow from Hikari perfectly!
Lastly is a Lasting Smiles Lip Balm in Peppermint Cream. I've used more lip balms than I can count, and my least favorites have always been minty. I like minty flavored things in general, but having something that smells so strong that close to my nose for an extended period of time always bothers me. I think the vanilla hint in this lip balm helps lessen the harsh scent of the peppermint a bit, but I'm still not overly happy with the scent. Otherwise, this is a perfect product. The formula is flawless, leaving my lips feeling soft, moisturized, and looking shiny.
I also think Ipsy hit a major home run with this bag! It's so chic, and the bright colors are gorgeous. If you want to try your own $10 monthly subscription to Ipsy, head over to to sign up.

Remember, I pay for all of my monthly glam bags myself, and this review is in no way influenced by ipsy. All opinions are my own. 

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