Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kiyi-Kiyi Soap of the Month Club

Today, I'm sharing the second brand being featured in my Etsy subscription box series, Kiyi-Kiyi! Made by hand in Minnesota, Kiyi-Kiyi sources their all natural ingredients from local retailers and creates vegan soaps made with olive and coconut oils as well as soaps made from goat milk or beeswax and honey, so there's something that suits every skin type.
The soap I received was a vegan blend called On the Ice, and I was struck immediately by how absolutely beautiful this soap is. It isn't just a hygienic necessity, it's a stunning piece of decor that features tri-colored soap and an icy effect along the top. It also smells heavenly, casting a strong scent that isn't offensive. My family hates strong smells (I get complaints about my perfume constantly), but they love this cool, fresh scent. 

The Soap of the Month Club is $11 per month and comes with one limited edition soap from Kiyi-Kiyi, many of which are exclusive to club members and don't appear on the Etsy shop! The soaps reserved for these boxes are the more specialized and complicated ones that just can't be matched. Try their one-month plan out here, and you'll be jumping to try a longer subscription!
Check out the rest of the series here!

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