Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Anabella's Jewelry Surprise Box

Today, the temperature got up to sixty degrees. Sixty degrees. It was wonderful, but it's got me seriously yearning for the beach. However, seeing as the nearest beach is five hours away, the closest thing I'm going to get is this week's Etsy Subscription Box! Today's box is from Hawaii-based shop, Anabella's Jewelry, and is filled with dainty, beach-ready pieces that will add an exotic flair to any look.
The first piece is a Hawaiian Coneshell Necklace. This was my favorite item in the box as it is such a statement piece and is made from real Hawaiian coneshell! One of my favorite things about it is how adjustable the strap is. There are two knots in the back, and when pulled, they tighten or loosen the necklace. I really love that since with most necklaces, there are clips for this which leave a few links of chain dangling off the back. I think this looks much cleaner and suits the boho look of this necklace.
Anabella's specializes in sea glass, and this sea glass hair pin is gorgeous. These pieces of glass are found by the shop owner on the beaches of Oahu, Hawaii, and are absolutely lovely. My bangs are finally getting long, so I've been using this quite a lot to pin them out of my face or to secure braids.
Next up is a necklace also made from sea glass. I like this piece, but I do wish the strap were adjustable like the coneshell necklace as this is very long, reaching about two inches above my naval (granted, I am very short so this will vary greatly depending on the length of your torso). 
To complete the set, I received a pair of sea glass earrings in the same color as the necklace and hairpin. Be warned when wearing this collection that you will be asked constantly what it is! It's an interesting conversation starter and extremely unique! How many people do you know that have jewelry made from sea glass? Personally, I think it's fun and different, and I also love that they come in so many different colors!

You can find this box here for $35 for one month, $60 for two, and $80 for three, so you're definitely saving the longer you commit to! This box is perfect for your favorite beach babe that likes to incorporate a taste of the ocean into her style or any girl that loves unique fashion choices.

Don't forget to check back next Tuesday for another Etsy Subscription Box review! Remember that I have received compensation for the posts in this series, but none of my opinions are influenced by the featured brands. All opinions are my own.

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