Saturday, February 13, 2016

Five Last-Minute Valentines Day Gifts from Target

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, which means all of the guys who have been procrastinating on buying their ladies' gifts are in full-on panic mode. To make this just a little easier, I'm sharing my top five giftable accessories from Target for any girl. Plus, they're all available in-store and under $100. Bonus points if you couple these with chocolate.

The Tech-Savvy Girl

We all know this girl. She's totally up to date on all of the newest tech, and it seems like she has everything before you can even think about getting it for her. For a unique gift, try getting her this Under One Sky Battery Charging Clutch. Its versatile black design allows it to go with any outfit, and it charges her phone, too! Check it out here.
The Minimalist

Minimalists are the girls who really have their life together and don't waste time or money on things they don't need. They have timeless wardrobes filled with staple pieces, but trust me, she will never turn this Venice and Violet dogeared heart necklace down. Plated in 14k gold, this dainty piece will sit perfectly with her favorite silk button-down. See if it's available at your location here!
The Busy Girl

Always on the go and planning everything to the minute, the busy girl always has her eye on the clock. If your girl is constantly taking out her phone to check the time, this gift is for her. Make that clock a little prettier with this quilted black Timex watch. It's simple, to the point, and classic. Check availability here.
The Practical Girl

Who wants to have separate bags for sleepovers? Not the practical girl. Get her a weekender bag that doubles as a purse! This pale pink duffel is filled with pockets and comes with a removable strap for when you're carrying it as a purse. It's feminine, chic, and totally practical. View more images here!
The Trendy Girl

It's February, guys. Show your trendy girl that you can actually pick out something she likes with this Merona cashmere and wool blend scarf. This scarf is crazy soft and easy to pair with dressy and casual outfits while still looking on-trend. Find it here.
All images courtesy of Target

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