Saturday, February 6, 2016

Two Braids for Women with Short Hair

I've been really excited about today's post because it's my first styling post for short hair! Until quite recently, my hair has been too short to do anything at all with, so I've just let it do its own thing and hoped for the best most of the time. Now, I finally have a little bit of length in my bangs and can start playing around with different braids and twists. In today's tutorial, I'm showing you two adorable styles for pixie cuts that help out immensely when growing your hair out. These can definitely be used for long hair too, and it would probably be easier on long hair since you won't have as many flyaways, but I've only tried them on my shorter locks and think they're pretty fantastic. I also let my regrowth get extremely long for this post since it's lighter than the rest of my hair so you can see the braids better. The things I do for you people.

The first tutorial is for an imitation crown braid. For a traditional crown braid, you actually have to braid (duh), but we're actually just twisting to get a similar effect on shorter hair.

1. Take a section of hair near your part and divide it into two parts. Make sure the hair all comes from along your part, try not to grab hair too far away from it. This makes the style more defined.
2. Take the strand nearest to your face and take it over the second piece, making it in front.
3. Grab some hair and add it to the now-in-front section. 
4. Take that section and pull it over the other, like you did in step two. Continue to add strands and twist until you reach your ear, or until you run out of hair long enough to add into the twist.
5. Bobby pin the end of the twist behind your ear to keep the pin concealed and add extra bobby pins throughout the twist to catch flyaways and hold it in place, and you're done! 
This is my go-to pixie cut style when I'm looking for something more fun than my usual look. It takes a couple of tries to get the hang of it, but it becomes intuitive very quickly and takes less than three minutes to do. I love wearing this to school since I'm looking down at a book or piece of paper a lot, and my long bands tend to fall in my eyes. This style is extremely secure and doesn't fall out midway through the day, making it perfect for going out or just running errands.
The second look is actually a braid and takes a little more effort. I recommend mastering the above style first and then moving on to this as it's more involved. I'm using a french braid to create a mock undercut and give the illusion of hair that's shorter than it actually is for you ladies not wanting to take off that much length. 

1. Take a section of hair framing your face and divide it into three sections.
2. Braid the pieces together two times.
3. Begin french braiding the hair, adding hair from either side of the braid to sections before you cross them over. 
4. Once that extra hair is incorporated, pull your braid very tightly before moving on. You want this look to be as tight as possible to emphasize that undercut effect. Continue until you reach your ear or are out of hair long enough to braid.
 5. Bobby pin the end of the braid behind your ear as well as any stray pieces, and you're done!
This style is a tad bit more difficult than the first, but I really love the outcome! This is especially helpful when you're in that awkward growing-out phase and want to remove some excess bulk without taking off length. Having the hair pulled tight to the scalp imitates an undercut with a feminine edge.
That's it! I hope these styles you in your pixie adventure, I know they work for me! If you have a unique way of styling your pixie, I'd love to hear them! Drop your favorites into the comments below.

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