Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fresh-Faced with When Masks

I've always been a little on the fence about face masks. I think the concept is great, but there are very few companies who really come through on these products. Today, I'm reviewing two face masks sent to me by When Masks that struck me as extremely different. Firstly, they're probably the most convenient facial masks I've ever used. They come in small, flat packages that are nice for throwing in an overnight bag or purse. Secondly, they're so simple to use! It's completely no-fuss, just throw it on for half an hour, peel off, and voila!
The first mask I received was the Glamour Base. My favorite of the two, this mask was absolutely perfect for me. It left my skin in that perfect in-between area, not oily, but also not bone-dry. I didn't feel like I needed to apply a moisturizer afterwards at all, I just skipped right on to the rest of my makeup. My skin looked and felt similar to the way it does after I apply a good primer- smooth with minimal appearance of pores. 
The second mask I received was Snow Magic, and it was a very different product altogether. The residue left on my face after I peeled away the mask seemed much thicker and took longer for my skin to absorb. My face was extremely oily and shiny for the rest of the day, and it was also a bit sticky. I definitely couldn't have applied makeup over it. My skin felt extremely hydrated and moisturized by the following morning once my face had lost the sticky feel, and I think it benefited my skin quite a bit, but I'd make sure to use it on a day when you won't want to get out much or wear a lot of makeup.
Overall, I really enjoyed using the masks and thought the concept of creating face masks for a girl on the go was great. When masks are available at Sephora, Ulta. Anthropologie, Bartell Drugs,, Birchbox, Ricky's NYC, and Starboard Cruise Services and cost about $7 each. You can also find them at their website here!

Disclaimer: Although this is a sponsored review, it was in no way influenced by When Masks. All opinions are my own.

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