I'm always open to collaborations with other bloggers, retailers, brands, and designers. If you have an idea for a collaboration, feel free to shoot me an email over at 

I do accept product and/or compensation for posts, but keep in mind that I only accept items that completely agree with my blog and fit my niche. I also state in every sponsored post that it is sponsored in accordance with FTC regulations. 

I'm also open to selling ad space and button swaps with other bloggers. Please contact me for pricing/eligibility.

Brands I've worked with:
Billion Dollar Brows, Hask Haircare, Smoko, Jordandene, Makeup by 1D, ColorProof, Spooky Eyes, Instanatural, 23 Jewellery, B. Nails, Never Take It Off, Mariposa Couture, MG Collection, B. The Product, iScarf 2, Dear Clark, Son of a Sailor, ToAdorn, Nouveau-Tique, Bubble Genius, Moni Bijoux, H&K Handbags, Laurena Accessories, Chuck Chucks, Ageless Derma

Other Writing: 
The Glitter Diaries:

Bookworms In Dresses: 

Chowing Down by the Bay: 

Thought Catalog:

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